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Welcome to "Addisonia - Genealogy", a family history site that presents information on my ancestors and their families. I've attempted to trace the ancestors and families of each of my grandparents as far as possible. In addition, I've also started tracing my wife's ancestors (see Others).

Surnames I'm interested in include: Addison, Angus, Broughton, Campbell, Durie, Giles, Monkley, Thompson & others. Most of these families originated from England, Ireland, Wales or Scotland and ended up in New South Wales, Australia.

The browsable family tree is a cutdown version of my complete records. The roots of pruned branches are displayed in the tree. Click on the Tree link above to get started. The tree is best viewed using Firefox or IE, it does not work with Safari. Names and dates for all living persons have been removed to protect privacy. In addition details of my sources were removed but can be provided on request.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy no doubt there are some gaps and errors in this data. If you notice anything that needs correcting please drop me a note.

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