Team work


Let Us Do - I.T.


Let Us Do - I.T.

Compelete IT solutions for today's IT needs.


We are located in Springfield QLD.


We are available after hours to fit our customers needs.


Our support charges will always be lower than our competitors.


We offer support over the phone and on site.


All our work is covered by warranty.

Wireless Security

Are you running wireless internet at home? I am always asked about security, what settings do i need etc. in just a few minutes we can have you up and secure.

ADSL setups

No job is too small, we are able to have your ADSL or dial-up running in a few minutes.

Networking and Servers

We can manage your networking, servers and full network structure

Website Design

From buying a domain to the finished website Let Us Do - I.T.

Look at our services page for a list of current customers .