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Prices to hire Instrumental Sydney duo with guitar, flute and accordion

prices to hire Sydney trio (band with singer) in Sydney CBD, Parramatta CBD, the Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Gosford, Central Coast, Wollongong, Bowral, Mittagong, South Coast and the Southern Highlands

Costs, prices that are charged to hire Sydney and Parramatta musicians and bands for live background music at hotel foyers and restaurants, High Teas, private parties, wedding receptions, wedding entertainment, wedding ceremonies or cabaret presentations at corporate functions, community and Local Council events, festivals, garden parties, piano bar entertainment, Christmas parties and shopping centre entertainment

Hourly costs to hire Sydney duo, trio or quartet bands, piano accordion player, guitar player, flute player, wedding singer, wedding musicians, acoustic music band

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Viva bands cater for multicultural audiences, over 40% of Sydneys audiences were born outside Australia and many more are 2nd generation Immigrants, The Viva bands are popular for providing music for multicultural functions

The Viva bands provide their own marketing for the venues they perform at, restaurant venues such as Vatel or Le Petit are usually booked out when the Viva band perform there, the bands' publications on a variety of medias can be beneficial for the marketing of venues

sydney band tweets Link to Sydney Band Viva tweets about some of their gigs

sydney bands facebook Link to Facebook for some of Sydney band Viva gigs

Sound equipment is included in our prices

Classy live music that the viva bands provide is unique in Sydney, the Viva bands have developed a repertoire of Jazz Standards, Latin (bossa's, Sambas and Tango's), Euro, French, Spanish and Mediterranean music, suitable for the increasing influence of multicultural audiences Viva's music has developed in part because of the band member's extensive International experiences, for example: similar music can be heard at music venues in: Venice, Rome, Paris, Cannes, Mediterranean areas, Argentina, Brazil and Cuba

The prices for Viva bands commence at $200 for I hour performance of the duo, the trio fee is $400 for 2x hours in the Sydney Metro area

It is important to note, Viva bands are not covers bands and though our prices are reasonable we emphasize that the style of music takes precedence over price. Covers band duo's are often available through agencies, refer to Alan Casey Entertainment they have extensive lists of bands to hire

A reliable Sydney agent with prices for a covers bands is at www.sydneybands

A site with prices for string orchestras, jazz and pop bands is at www.stringspace

This site is designed to be a highly informative, however, choosing a band, "sight unseen" can be a daunting task. We have provided a huge amount of reading information in this website, we also recommend you go to: this link for our many YouTube videos so you can decide if a Viva duo, trio or quartet band is the particular style of band that you may consider to be suitable for your venue or event, we provide cabaret performances as well as instrumental music

A few comments for consideration:

We have been operating the Viva bands since 1996, most of our work is from established clients that have utilized our services, since our commencement of the viva combos, we are kept busy with over 100 regular clients

Choosing entertainment for corporate functions is relatively simple, the business has a clear idea what to provide to their guests, whereas, one-off events with mixed audiences such as weddings can be a challenge, the emphasis may be for pop music entertainment for the younger age group, or quieter music entertainment, suitable for parents, friends and relatives to socialize

About Viva the band

The band can play at low sound levels for venues that have noise restrictions

We are often hired to perform cabaret music and show tunes at themed events, however, our regular corporate work also requires us to perform background music ie. American Jazz standards and Latin music from the great American songbook

We note an increase of requests for multicultural music on special occasions, our work may include some multicultural music, for example: we were engaged to perform music from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (since the Rio Olympics) (Bossa's and Samba's), the following week we were engaged to perform an evening of French music. For Secret foodies at Chippendale we provided an evening of upbeat Spanish and Euro Jazz, recently we provided a concert for Chilean guests at a 90th Birthday party, we performed Italian and Spanish music for Qantas promotions, we also play some Euro and Jazz standards at parties

The Viva trio includes a vocalist who has a repertoire of: French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese music along with her American Jazz and Latin songs

The trio has been engaged to perform for multicultural music appreciation events at Schools

Viva the duo can provide appropriate instrumental background music for restaurants and social functions, the band has a repertoire of Latin music and American Jazz standards, however, if required, our audiences can also enjoy the opportunity of experiencing the unique sounds of authentic, memorable and recognizable music we developed from our tours of Europe, East Asia and South America, appropriate music for dining and social events in particular

Background music

In earlier times, particularly the 50's and 60's, it was common to experience small bands performing quiet background music in many restaurants and similar venues, music such as: bossa-novas and jazz standards, since that era, bands have become progressively louder and rarely perform just instrumental music

The Viva bands start out as a very economical instrumental duo and, (if budget or style of venue allows) can increase to Trio (with singer), Quartet or Quintet

The band combinations:

duo: instrumental acoustic guitar, bass, flute and accordion

trio: duo plus vocalist

promotional information for Sydney band, Viva the band

prices to hire bands in Sydney asia tours Sydney bands touring Europe sydney bands in Cuba

TOURS: Asia (pre 2005) - Europe 2010 - Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, New Orleans, Mexico 2014

Viva poster for their 6,000km tour of Europe in 2010 (under Django Reinhardt festival banner)

Sydney band in Europe

Newcastle Jazz Club The Viva bands have developed a special International repertoire during their journeys throughout the world, their music is particularly suitable for venues that require international music

Their recent tour of Argentina revealed a lot of great tango music, In Brazil they heard the best samba's and in Cuba they heard lots of Salsa music

They heard their first rock music of their tour in New Orleans where they witnessed about 50 Rock bands playing on a 400m strip of Bourbon street at extraordinary volumes with drunks and prostitutes roaming between the venues, there was also a heavy police presence to curb the petty violence on the street see video

There are Videos of the band at the link : Videos page

The members of Viva the Band have a history of hit recordings and TV appearances in Australia, Taiwan and Bangkok, they have performed over 400 concerts to military forces in war zones, Notably they have been chosen to perform at a function for Australia's leading music industry organization APRA AMCOS

A guide for choosing a band is to check out their reviews with links to: testimonials page


We enjoy traveling internationally and locally, particularly for overnight venues. We have had some very enjoyable overnight stop over gigs in Newcastle, Wollongong, Central Coast, The Hunter Valley, Southern Highlands, Bowral, Berry, Kiama, Orange, Dubbo, Bright, Victoria, Thredbo, Gold Coast, Hervey bay and Port Macquarie, (to name a few), we provide a pricing structure for these types of venues, the band can be reserved for your event well in advance

Some of our earlier performances

The Viva bands are noted as being popular for parties and high profile corporate events, they perform at an exclusive group of sophisticated venues including Australia's major music industry organization APRA AMCOS, other venues include : The Union, Universities and Schools Club (UUSC), the Opera House Fore court, Hilton Hotel, the Sofitel Wentworth Hotel, Sydney Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney Olympic Park, the Australian Museum, Centennial Park anniversary celebrations and the Art Gallery of NSW. The Viva bands also provide music for low key events including: NSW Local Councils community events, NSW Major Leagues clubs (concerts or functions), plus, performances at Dubbo Jazz Festival, Kiama Festivals, Wollongong festivals, Manly Jazz Festival, Newcastle Jazz club events, Thredbo festivals, Gold Coast events, Hunter Valley winery events

The musicians are hired by commercial production studios, Smith and Western studios Sydney and Nylon Studios, based in Cannes, Sydney and New York

International recognition

The bands are popular internationally, with their CD regularly played overseas, their recording of Minor Swing reached No 1 on the N1M Australian charts and no 4 on the World Charts, they also perform music for radio and TV advertising in the USA, produced by Nick West at Smith and Western Studios

top 100 charts

Instrumental music and acoustic music for background or dining venues

The Viva bands have developed a special International repertoire during their journeys throughout the world

Testimonials from customers about the bands performances are at our references page

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Note: There are price comparisons for string bands, covers bands etc. further down the page

The prices quoted below are for professional Viva bands within 50 km of Sydney metro area for parties and functions, prices are quoted for minimums of 2 or 3 hours, extra time is usually charged at $50 per musician per hour

Extra fee traveling: Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Mittagong, Bowral, Wollongong $50 per musician

Extra fee traveling: Central Coast, Gosford $30 per musician

We are prepared to travel by motor vehicle Statewide and by air for interstate bookings POA

International and interstate band bookings

We are experienced at organizing travel and accommodation arrangements for bookings interstate and internationally, we can put together a quotation to provide for these facilities. For Interstate venues we can provide a quote for the total cost for the Viva the duo or trio which includes performance fee (as quoted below), plus all transport costs and accommodation. Generally our fees are the same as for local venues (below) with the addition of travel and accommodation costs, It may be noted that the Viva duo can still be quite economical to hire interstate, considering their costs including fares and accommodation can be cheaper than the fees charged by some local bands

The members of Viva the duo have worked at: Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Brisbane, Hervey Bay, Ipswitch, Lightning Ridge, Newcastle, Kiama, Wollongong, Thredbo, Bright Vic, Canberra and Perth


Prices do not include GST (not required) an invoice with ABN is provided. Parking costs in the CBD are extra to the quoted fees

  • duo musicians for private parties in homes (accordion, bass, flute, guitar) fees are $200 for 1 hour in the Sydney metro area
  • duo musicians for instrumental background music at hotel foyers or restaurants (accordion, bass, flute, guitar) fees are P.O.A per hour plus parking costs in the Sydney CBD area
  • duo musicians for wedding receptions (accordion, bass, flute, guitar) fees are $400 for 3 hours in the Sydney metro area
  • duo musicians for corporate venues in Sydney CBD (accordion, bass, flute, guitar) fees are $300 for 2 hours
  • trio with special vocalist fees are $400 for 2 hours in the Sydney metro area
  • trio with special vocalist fees are $500 for 3 hours in the Sydney metro area
  • quartet band, female vocalist, Percussion, guitar, bass, flute, accordion fees are $750 for 3 hours in the Sydney metro area
  • special quintet band, trumpet or sax, female vocalist, drums, guitar, bass, flute, accordion, fees are $1,050 for 3 hours in the Sydney metro area
  • Sextet show band, trumpet or saxophone, female vocalist, drums, guitar, bass, flute, accordion POA
  • music duo or trio as a specialty International act in a gaming club POA for a 1 hour show.
  • For charities the band provides music at a discounted fee (it is well worth asking) POA
  • Australian music duo or trio (includes singer) for weddings, one day events and functions in China, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore for a daily performance (3 hours) fee of AU$1,200 plus the band's costs getting to the job

It is worth noting that all our prices are negotiable, particularly for charitable venues with low budgets and if other benefits are provided to the bands (advertising, hospitality and promotions etc.) there are further discounts available

A reliable agent for a covers bands is at

A site with prices for string orchestras and jazz/pop bands is at www.stringspace

Covers band prices vary, some duo's can cost around $2,000, refer to Alan Casey Entertainment they have extensive lists of bands to hire

Public Liability Insurance

Viva the band maintain Public Liability Insurance Cover to perform at public venues

comparisons of fees charged for 3 hours performance by String bands, Covers bands, Viva Jazz and Latin bands

  • String Duo $880 - Covers bands $1000 - Viva the Duo $400
  • String Trio $1,320 - Covers bands $1,500 - Viva the Trio (instrumental) $500 - Viva the Trio (includes Vocalist) $600
  • String Quartet $1,650 - Covers bands $2,000 - Viva the band (quartet) $750

Prices comparisons for String bands, covers bands and Viva bands for a 3 hour call at Newcastle, Berry, Hunter Valley, Pokolbin, Bowral areas :

  • String Duo (not available) - Covers bands $1,200 - Viva the Duo $400 plus $100 travel
  • String Trio $1,732 - covers bands $1,500 - Viva the trio (instrumental) $550 plus $150 travel - Viva the trio (includes Vocalist) $600 plus $150 travel
  • String Quartet $2,090 - Covers bands $2,300 - Viva the band (quartet) $850 plus $150 travel

examples of Viva music

our working repertoire list is published at our song list page

Some of our special offers

  • pricing of bands for overseas venues is subject to negotiation (subject to the number of performances required)
  • We are prepared to travel and make arrangements for our own national and International transport
  • We can offer a special fee/food arrangement for restaurants or hotel foyers POA
  • For charities and seniors the band provides music for a discounted fee POA
  • The Viva bands (duo and trio) have public liability insurance cover
functions at Sydney Opera House sydney trio

Viva the duo, at the Opera House fore court and Sofitel Sydney Wentworth hotel

If your venue is looking for an edge or is looking to add uniqueness with International music at your next exciting event the Viva bands are well worth considering for this purpose

Agents, Event Managers

If you are required to book musicians or a band through an entertainment agency or events manager, we can provide you with contacts to some reputable companies who we regularly direct enquiries to when we are unable to accommodate an enquiry ourselves

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