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A Little Bit Of Italy at Nightingale winery at Broke

A special event called A Little Bit Of Italy will be held at Nightingale Winery at Broke on Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th of April. Live music entertainment with be provided by Viva the duo on Accordion and Guitar. Over 10,000 visitors are expected to attend

musicians at Central Coast NSW

Terrigal on the Central Coast NSW is 90 mins travelling from Sydney and has many great attractions, in particular, The Haven Cafe and Restaurant (photo), a take away eatery and eat-in restaurant right on the beach, plenty of parking, glorious beaches and a fantastic outlook over the bay from the Haven restaurant. When Viva the duo performed at the Haven restaurant on the 21st November, the audience were also treated to a view of whales surfacing in the bay in front of the restaurant

Viva the duo at Azurri Restaurant at The Entrance NSW

The Settlers Arms Inn at St Albans

The Settlers arms hotel is also a great venue for a country style wedding reception or special out of town party

Update 2010 Viva the band is currently having a break from the settlers as they have been engaged for Jobs interstate and locally, (Viva the duo will be in Europe for a couple of months)

Viva the band was resident band at the historic Settlers Arms Inn St. Albans since 1996 until 2010, performing on the first and third Sunday of each month between 12.30pm and 3.30pm. during the months March to October. The band stage is located on a small outbuilding on a large expanse of lawn at the rear of the Settlers Arms main building, very safe and great for children. The venue is great for pets. however dogs should be kept on a leash around picnic areas. There is bench type seating and tables seating for patrons to enjoy the wonderful and renowned food and entertainment. Many families also bring their own liners and relax amongst the shady trees dotting the landscape

Location of Settlers Arms St Albans and how to get there from Sydney

The village of St. Albans is situated on the banks of the Macdonald river branching off the much larger Hawkesbury river about 100 kilometres north west of Sydney.

Drive from Sydney along the Old Northern road through Dural to Wisemans Ferry. At Wisemans Ferry turn left to catch the Web Creek ferry to cross the Hawkesbury River. St Albans is 20 Km further on and the road is currently being completed with a bitumen seal

History of the Settlers Arms Inn

Considering the areas historical links with the early colony of New South Wales and the close proximity to Sydney, the village of St. Albans has been, until recently, relatively unknown. The valley has been for many years been referred to by the locals as the "Forgotten Valley" as it has been by-passed over time by all the major road and rail routes leading north from Sydney. The town of St Albans was officially gazetted in 1841, on land which had previously been a stockyard and wharf at the head of navigatable waters of the Macdonald River.

Description of the Settlers Arms Inn

The Settlers Arms Inn is an historic stone and timber hotel located in the St. Albans Valley surrounded by mountains. The inn was built by convict labour in 1836 and became a major overnight stop for the Cobb and Co coaches travelling from Sydney to Newcastle. The inn is classified by the national trust and is one of the oldest hotels in Australia.

Entertainment at the Settlers Arms Inn, St Albans

The Settlers Arms Inn, the village and valley is a safe and readily accessible destination for a day trip, a weekend stay, a stop over on the way to or from the Hunter Valley and a great way to entertain your children. You can also take your pets. just one more reason to plan a delightful stop over at this truly Australiana bush setting

Note Viva the band are now not always appearing at the Settlers Arms, it is advisable to ring the Setters arms if you are interested in the catching a Viva show there, their phone number is 4568 2111, more information about the Settlers arms can be found at this link: Settlers arms

Sydney weekend getaway a family friendly venue