Viva the band for Chinese functions
professional musicians for hire for Chinese functions

Music entertainment in Sydney for live instrumental background music with some Chinese tunes for Chinese events including: dinner parties, promotions with acoustic band and accordion player

The band also play some Chinese songs, tunes such as: Shanghai Tang, China Nights and The Moon Represents my heart

Sydney musicians, duo for hire, experienced at entertaining Chinese audiences. Suitable for tourists to Australia, the duo provides International and Instrumental music that Chinese and Vietnamese audiences enjoy

Viva the band is often engaged to perform at promotional events and dinner functions for Chinese vineyard owners in the Hunter Valley region of NSW

sydney band in Taiwan sydney music in Taiwan

Viva in the Republic of China (Taiwan) in 2004 and 2005

The Viva bands have an extensive history of International performances. They performed for 14 Months in South Vietnam and further 3 years throughout asia, Including the Republic of China (Taiwan) where the band performed for a series of concerts and television appearances, the photo depicts Viva and a group of International performers being welcomed in a street parade in Taichung and later welcomed by the Mayor in television Interviews over a period of 2 weeks in 2004 and 4 weeks in 2005

asia tours Sydney bands touring Europe sydney bands in Cuba

TOURS: Asia (pre 2005) - Europe 2010 - Argentina, Brasil, Cuba, New Orleans, Mexico 2014

Music for Chinese audiences in Australia

Sydney is rapidly becoming a favoured destination for Chinese tourists and Vietnamese residents in Australia. In January the state-run China Daily said Chinese travellers spent $US102 billion overseas in 2012, making them the worlds biggest spenders. It is beneficial for the Australian tourism industry for local bands to develop a suitable repertoire of music to cater for this influx of tourists

Spending by tourists from the Asia-Pacific will reach nearly $US753 billion by 2023, increasing the regions share of global spend to 40 per cent from 25 per cent in 2012, according to a report commissioned by travel technology firm Amadeus

Travellers from Europe will account for 34 per cent of global outbound spend by the same year

The acceptance of modern music to cater for Chinese tourists is attributed to the heritage of the new Chinese culture movement of the 1910s and 1920s which produced a great deal of lasting interest in Western music. A number of Chinese musicians of that era studied abroad to perform Western classical music, The Kuomintang (National People's Party) also sponsored modern music via the Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Symphony orchestras were formed in most major cities in China, they performed to a wide audience in the concert halls and on radio. Jazz and popular European music was also adopted with local performers adding xylophones, saxophones and violins, among other instruments to their compositions Lü Wencheng, Qui Hechou, Yin Zizhong and He Dasha were among the most notable performers and composers of Western styled arrangements of Chinese classical music

Vietnamese audiences are familar with French music in particular, due to the dominance of French culture in Vietnam for over a hundred years

A Sydney band, Viva the band has developed a repertoire of French, Spanish, and South American Instrumental music that local Chinese businessmen, Chinese tourists and local Vietnamese residents enjoy, The band appeared at month long music festivals in the Republic of China (Taiwan) on two separate occasions and have experienced Chinese audiences appreciation of popular instrumental music from France, Spain and South America as well as Western light classical music

In accordance with Viva band experience, accordions are recognized as a staple instrument in school bands in China, consequently European tunes such as Jealousy, plus French tunes and Argentine Tangos became very popular to Chinese audiences. Chinese people also took a liking to Ballroom dancing, adopting Western dancing attire and enjoying big band and swing music at huge dancing halls

Viva the duo have performed at a number of private functions for Chinese and Vietnamese audiences in Sydney and have observed these audiences enjoy the music the Viva band produce, particularly accordion renditions of French tunes and Argentine Tango's, the bands' next engagement for a Chinese audience is for the new owners of Nightingale Vinyards at Broke NSW

Instrumental music

String bands or orchestras are typical for instrumental background music for cocktail parties and special dinner functions in Sydney, musicians in string bands are usually classically trained and generally play their instruments very well, we noticed there were very few alternatives to a string band if the venue required classy and unobtrusive background music for Chinese and Vietnamese functions. Viva the duo and trio have developed their repertoire of Instrumental music for these types of functions

Instrumental duo of accordion player, flute and guitar player or trio with optional additions of percussionist, drums, congas, trumpet, sax or singer

Acoustic duo or trio bands for hire for Chinese functions, weddings, anniversaries, cocktail parties , dinner parties, festivals and markets in Sydney, Newcastle, Gosford, Terrigal, the Hunter valley and Bowral

Band tour of Asia

Sydney band entertainment in Bangkok

Australian entertainers perform for Television in Bangkok Australian entertainers in Bangkok

The band moved to Bangkok after completing a tour of South Vietnam. Peter and Marie Rappolt purchased a nightclub called The Pub, located on the corner of Convent and Silom Road, opposite the Australian Embassy in Bangkok. Whilst they were in Bangkok Peter obtained a license to provide entertainment to American forces throughout S.E. Asia, they used the Pub as a base to continue performances for American bases in Thailand and to showcase International performers that Peter was providing to the American entertainment system. The pub was a popular lunchtime and evening venue for Australian Embassy staff as it was located opposite the Australian Embassy in Silom Road, Bangkok and provided Australian style food as well as the Aussie entertainment. The band regularly appeared on local television (photo) as well as performing at The Pub and other venues including 5 star International hotels in S.E. Asia.

Sydney band continuing tours throughout Asia

Peter, Marie put together a cabaret styled concert and continued performances for allied troops throughout Thailand, Subic Bay and Clark air base in the Philippines, Guam air base for a continuing daily schedule of performances

Recent local venues

winterlight festival at Parramatta functions at Sydney Opera House

Viva the duo at Winterlight festival, Parramatta and at Opera House forecourt

French singer French dancer

Viva the duo, noted as being famous for playing classic European jazz (Manly Daily quote)

We met Corinne Andrew (Corinne in feathers. photo right) at the Victoria room, Darlinghurst while we were performing there, we found to our delight she is a stunning and Internationally renowned French singer that fits well with the Duo, we have formed a collaboration with Corinne for gigs that require vocals or a cabaret performance

Viva the trio and duo attract audiences at their street performances

roving musicians at Manly Jazz Festival roving musicians performing on the streets in Sydney wedding musicians entertain at a private cocktail party in a Sydney suburban home Street musicians in France

Viva the duo at Manly and at Cannes (France)

Viva the duo background music for a dinner function

music for a dinner function

Viva the duo, back at work for a function at a Sydney club after their European tour

Viva the duo comprise Peter and Marie Rappolt who were the original owners of a nightclub in Bangkok called The Pub

snapshot of popular examples of Viva music

  • Swing music, standards: In the Mood, Stardust, It Had To Be You, Puttin' On the Ritz
  • Tango: Jealousy, Hernando's Hideaway, La Cumparsita, Kiss of Fire, Amapola
  • Latin: The Girl From Ipanema, La Paloma, Sway, Tequila, Tico Tico, Brazil, Granada
  • International: La Vie En Rose, Dark Eyes, Bi Mir Bist Du Schoen, Midnight in Moscow
sydney band that play International music

The duo perform popular music from the swing era, standards, Latin plus a few International tunes which includes, French, Spanish, Italian and light classic music similar to the style of bands performing in Europe's classiest venues

Parramatta lanes sydney roving band ride to work day

Viva the duo performed music as part of a breakfast for ride to work day at Bradfield Park for Willoughby Council on the 17th October

A video of Viva at last years ride to work event can be seen at ride to work

trio with singer

Viva the duo performance at the Italian village, the rocks

musicians at Italian village, The Rocks

Viva the duo high profile concerts

entertainment at Souths Juniors club, see French music by Viva the duo on youtube

samples of Viva the duo music can be viewed at youtube link

Hiring a small band for roving performances street events and concerts

The jazzy duo can arrange public liability insurance for their individual band members at a premium when required. With their strong instrumental content of show tunes, they are popular at Council events, University functions, shopping centres, community events, marketing expos, art festivals, wine and food festivals etc.

Hiring a duo or a trio for a wedding or a function

Music samples for the duo are available at: CD Baby

Hiring a quartet for weddings and functions sydney wedding quartet for hire click to the page about Viva the band

check out the prices to hire bands at pricing page

Viva the duo return to Europe from June 21st until August 2nd

Viva the band conducted an amazing 6,000 KM Journey throughout Europe

django reinhardt festival in France duo musicians in Sydney - see video of Viva the duo performing French music on youtuube Abbey Road studio A monument dedicated to Joaquin Rodrigo the composer of Concierto De Aranjuez in the city of Aranjuez, Spain

Viva the duo at Abbey Road studios in London and Aranjuez, Spain

A monument in the city of Aranjuez dedicated to Joaquin Rodrigo the composer of the tune "Concierto De Aranjuez". There are inscriptions for the tune and melody engraved in the footpath, Viva the duo from Sydney, Australia have recorded a simplified tune for accordion and guitar called Aranjuez Mon Amor

Musicians in Florence Italy musicians in Switzerland

Viva the duo at a Video shoot at Florence and at Jung Frau, Lauterbrunnen Switzerland

more information and reviews about the band

We have provided some reviews about band performances at our testimonials page testimonial page.

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